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What is a Healthcare Executive?

While medical personnel are the frontline of any healthcare organization, there are other healthcare professionals in whom patients invest their trust and hope—even though they’re not always aware of who these people are or the roles they play. These professionals are healthcare executives (also called healthcare administrators and healthcare managers). They are the men and women who manage today’s hospital and healthcare organizations.

Healthcare executives:

  • Ensure that their organizations have strong medical, operational, and financial footing to serve the needs of patients, their families, and the communities

  • Are skilled, trained professionals, who care deeply about the quality of care patients receive. They partner with physicians, nurses, and other professionals to provide care

  • Help in educating community members about important health issues

  • Ensure that hospitals and other healthcare organizations serve as “safety nets” in their communities by providing emergency and ongoing care, as well as accurate and timely information about public threats in times of crisis

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